Tandem Language Café at Yale is a free, student-run language exchange program that piloted in Spring 2016. It is open to all members of the Yale community (students, faculty and staff) and is designed to foster intercultural communication and cross-cultural understanding on campus through enhanced foreign language acquisition.

Participants are paired to create a reciprocal language exchange, in which each partner is practicing the native language of the other partner. For example, a native Chinese speaker looking to learn French would be paired with a native French speaker who wants to learn Chinese.

Partners meet on a weekly basis for 8 weeks, spending half the time on each language and guiding their conversations with suggested activities from the Tandem Handbook. Tandem participants can be part of the program by attending 1) Group Meetings, where pairs of students attend a weekly facilitated session by Volunteer Facilitators, or 2) Independent Meetings, where partners meet independently and are supported with weekly emailed activities and guidance from the Volunteer Facilitators.


Tandem End of Semester Dinner – Spring 2018



Tandem End of Year Dinner – Spring 2017